Lekcja 22

Ścieżka dźwiękowa do lekcji, wciśnij przycisk z prawej. Lesson 22

begin zaczynać end kończyć last trwać how long jak długo

At what time does the lesson begin ? The lesson begins at 10 o'clock.

At what time does the lesson end ? The lesson end at ten to eleven.

How long does the lesson last ? The lesson lasts fifty minutes.

cheap tani expensive drogi Rolls Royce samochód Rolls Roys

Is this pen expensive ? No, this pen isn't expensive, but it's cheap.

Is a Rolls Roys cheap ? No, a Rolls Roys isn't cheap, but it's expensive.

Is my handkerchief expensive ? No, your handkerchief isn't expensive, but it's cheap.

few mało fewer mniej the fewest najmniej

This book has fewer pages than this book, whilst this book has fewer pages than this book.

This book has the fewest pages.

Of these three books has this book the most pages ?

No, of these three books that book hasn't the most pages, but it has the fewest pages.

Which person in your family reads the fewest books ?

My brother is the person in my family who reads the fewest books.

Of these three countries Germany, France and Greece has Greece the most people ?

No, of those three countries Greece hasn't the most people, but it has the fewest people.

building budynek

About how many rooms are there in this building ? There are about twenty rooms in this building.

Is this building high ? No, this building isn't high, but is low.

Is this building low ? No, this building isn't low, but is high.

inside wewnątrz outside na zewnątrz stomach żołądek

What part of the box is this ? It's the inside of the box.

What part of the box is this ? It's the outside of the box.

What can you see outside this window ? I can see a building etc. outside this window.

Are we sitting outside in the corridor ? No, we aren't sittig outside in the corridor, but we're sitting inside the classroom.

Is there any food inside our stomachs after eating ? Yes, there's some food inside our stomachs after eating.

a jakiś, pewien some kilku,kilka,trochę

The plural of a is some. For example:

I have a pen in my left hand. I have some pens in my right hand.

What's the plural of a ? The plural of a is some.

What's the plural of a book ? The plural of a book is some books.

What can you see in this classroom ? I can see some books, some pens a teacher a door, etc. in this classroom.

Have I a thumb on my left hand ? Yes, you've a thumb on your left hand.

Have I any fingers on my left hand ? Yes, you've some fingers on your left hand.

water woda wine wino milk mleko

Tell me the names of some drinks, please! The names of some drinks are water, wine and milk.

What colour's water ? Water has no colour.

Do you drink wine ? Yes, I drink wine. or No, I don't drink wine.

Which do you prefer milk or water ? I prefer water.

well dobrze

Can you hear well ? Yes, I can hear well.

Can you see well ? Yes, I can see well.

Can you speak Italian well ? Yes, I can speak Italian well.

flower kwiat

Do you like the smell of flowers ? Yes, I like the smell of flowers.

Have you any flowers at home ? Yes, I have some flowers at home.

whose czyj, czyja, czyje

Whose book's this ? It's your book.

Whose hand's that ? It's her hand.

Whose suits that ? It's Mr Brown's siut.

love lubić, kochać hate nienawidzieć

Do children generally love going to school ?

No, children don't generally love going to school, but they generally hate going to school.

Do children hate their mothers ? No, children don't hate their mothers, but they love their mothers.

Do you love eating bad food ? No, I don't love eating bad food, but generally I hate eating bad food.

Do you hate all food ? No, I don't hate all food, but some I hate and some I love.

Dictation 8

What is the meaning / of the word wrist ? / How many things / are there here? / Her hair / is on the head. / His chin, / mouth and nose / are on his face. / My eyes are blue. / The people of Scandinavia / are tall. / His askinkg us a question. /The name of her country / is Germany. / Who are you? / The contraction / of the verb to have /is I've, you've, he's, etc. / Have you any ears?/ Yes, two.